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Active Advancements is an industry leader in providing Pre-Settlement Funding throughout Middle Georgia. We understand that suffering an injury or a loss may be a financial hardship. We offer Pre-Settlement funding now in exchange for a portion of your expected future settlement proceeds. Simply put, we are giving you money NOW in exchange for a payment AFTER your case settles.

At Active Advancements, LLC our goal is to provide you with fast cash as soon as the same day - once approved. We will work with your legal representative to go over the amount of your living expenses as well as any medical bills or loss wages you have incurred so that we can determine a fair amount. Financial concerns can affect your health and well-being and especially family. When injured or suffering a loss, being financially stable is paramount. The speed of Active Advancements funding helps you when needed most. Call Us or Apply Online TODAY!


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    What Type of Cases Qualify For Funding?

    Protecting Your Automobile Investment

    With an average of 15,913 (2015) automobile accidents per day in the U.S. with many of those vehicle accidents resulting in permanent debilitating injuries or death. In addition to physical and emotional losses, traffic crash victims and their families often endure serious financial struggles in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident.

    Active Advancements can help you during financial hardships as you recover from a car accident while your case is still pending.

    Serious automobile accidents can take time to resolve months or even a year or more. Actually in some cases, a delay works to the advantage of the opposing party by pushing you as a plaintiff to settle for less than the value of your claim. While you wait to reach a settlement, your bills continue to accumulate. This can be devastating if your injuries prevent you from work. Apply TODAY!


    Catastrophic Slip & Falls Injuries

    Active Advancements, LLC can Pre-Fund your pending slip and fall case.

    If you fell in a;

    • Grocery Store
    • Retail Store, Mall or Outlet Shop
    • Entertainment Complexe
    • Office Building

    Call Active Advancements, LLC to see if you are eligible for Pre-Settlement cash!

    Walkers, Joggers and Cyclists

    If you happen to unfortunately be a Pedestrian Accident victim and are currently working with an attorney, Active Advancement, LLC can advance you Pre-Settlement cash to help pay for your;

    • Car Payments
    • Rent or Mortgage
    • Utility Bills
    • Groceries
    • or Any Other Daily Living Expenses.

    Call Active Advancements, LLC Today!

    • Boating Accidents
    • Construction Accidents
    • Dog Bites
    • Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents
    • Product Liability

    If your type of case is not on this list above! Give Active Advancements LLC a call and let us evaluate your case.